Meditation is not a technique, a mechanically learned and practiced skill, on the contrary, can be a way of life. To mediate means to create a state in which all thought processes cease. The meditative state is a state of consciousness, in which the mind is free of extraneous thoughts and patterns.

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Sukhasana Natural Holistic therapist Simona Balint in London Meditation sessions in London. Calm your mind, energise your body. Improve the function of your brain and connect with your inner self. You can book online on in person in accordance with social distancing rules in place. Metitation helps you to boost your energy, reduce stress, anxiety and sleep better. I am an experienced teacher and will guide you through the class. I also incorporate breathing techniques, yoga and visualisation techniques to integrate also in day to day life. You can fit meditation into your budy daily life. If you are a complete beginner, or already have some experience of meditation practice this classes can be tailored to your needs and is a best place to start. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and allow you to regain focus. Contact me for more details:


In meditation all the activity of the mind is reduced to the one state of absolute calm.


There are a variety of benefits that have been linked with the regular practice of meditation.

Meditation can bring about healing of both the body, and the mind, by using deliberation of thought and consideration.


There are various physical benefits that can be experienced, when meditation is made to be a part of daily life. Some physical benefits of meditation include a decrease in blood pressure and an improvement in breathing, due to the increase of the airflow into the lungs. Meditation used regularly can lower the resting heart rate, which takes some of the stress off the hear. 

Chemicals in the body, that are associated with stress, can be reduced by meditation, and this can lead to a reduction in anxiety levels. Meditation can also promote healthy and youthful skin and thus a youthful appearance. 

Meditation is a practice that brings about not only physical benefits but psychological benefits as well. The meditative state has quite amazing effects on a person's psyche. Relaxation, and a decrease in stress are rather obvious benefits, but many people do not realise that meditation can also improve moods and memory. It can decrease moodiness and depression. Summing up we can say that the practice of meditation is the practice of connecting with your inner self, in an effort to release your mind from specific stress factors, anxieties of fears. 

With the use of meditation one can develop the ability to release negative energy within the body and mind, physically and mentally. The goal of meditation is to transform those negative energies into positive energies. Meditation can lead to mental clarity and peace of mind - the necessary conditions for the resolution of many psychological disorders.