Iris chart is one of the most insteresting aspects of iridology because it shows you the areas in the iris that correspond to the difeerent parts of your body. There are 166 named areas in the iris chart with 80 in the right iris and 86 in the left iris. The iris analysis seeks to carefully discern is the integrity of remote tissues in the body as represented by the structure, color, and density of the minute fibers of the iris.
Iridology online assessment - Holistic therapist Simona Balint
Iridology analysis assessment online service in a few easy steps from the comfort of your home
Online iridology assessment service in a few easy steps from the comfort of your home
Iridology online service
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Iridology assessment online service
Iridology online analysis
Iridology - eye analysis, online service.
Iridology online report in a few easy steps

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How to take the best Iris photos for Iridology readings

You can take a good iris photo using a smartphone.



  • always use the rear camera on the smartphone because it's usually a higher resolution camera than the front selfie camera;

  • use the newest version smartphone that you have access to;

  • make sure you use the zoom on the smartphone half way then move the phone closer to the eye so you can get as close as you can to the eye.

  • Make sure you keep taping the screen so it stays in focus on just the iris not your cheek or fingers. 

  • take contact lenses out before taking eye pics;

  • keep your head vertical and don't tilt it in any way. Also the person taking the shot needs to do the same thing with the camera. 

  • You need to use  a small flashlight to illuminate your eye from the side.

  • The room may need to be slightly darker;

  • Look at the camera. Don't look to the side, up or down;

  • make sure your eyelids and eyelashes are not covering or shadowing any parts of your iris. Use your fingers to hold your eyelids and eyelashes open.

These are good examples

What you should not do: 

  • don't crop or edit the photo in any way from the original;

  • don't use any apps or ways to take the photo different than just the normal camera on the phone. This can cause the photo to be digitally pixelated when I zoom in on the photo;

  • Don't take the photo in the sun because it's too bright and will always cast a shadow or cause a large reflection spot;

  • make sure there are no reflections of light in the iris.

Please email the photos in the original size to Do not reduce them just to be able to fit them in the email. If they are too big for an email then you will have to use a file sharing program like dropbox. 


                                                                  What is iridology?

The first thing to do when looking at an Iris is to assess the background pattern. This is crucially important, since we are actually assessing the constitutional type of the individual. 

The picture reflected in the iris comes from some part of the body by remote control. When we see these markings from disease, we may consider that the iris is a screen and that a stage show is going on in one of the body organs or tissues.


The iris 'screen' will register trouble in the body whether it be caused by drug poisoning, by settlements of acid or toxic waste which the body has been unable to eliminate through catabolic processes, or by nerve depletion from continual worry, excitement and non-eliminated body wastes.


Where the body must continually struggle against foreign substances, it becomes enervated and disease is bound to result. This activity is always shown in the iris. 

If a person is continually worried about something, it is going to irritate and affect his nervous system, and the resulting nerve degeneration will also show in the iris of the eye. 

When we deal with the vibration of different diseases and the discoloration of the iris from drug deposits and bad living habits, we are dealing with electrons and ions. Much of our healing today is done by re-establishing normal vibratory rates in the body - through electrical energy, radionic treatment, and the vibration of our voice through colour, as well as through laboratory methods, electrical equipment such as short wave and diathermy, food and physiotherapy.


The old saying, 'the eyes are the windows of the soul', takes on new meaning in this age of vibratory knowledge. Electronics is coming into its own in the healing art and is being used to detect and to treat different diseases through vibratory methods. 

Disease comes into existence through abnormal vibrations. Every disease has its own symptoms, its own calling, its own craving, its own appetite. These conditions are expressed in the form of vibratory rates. In working with vibratory action, we increase the vital energy of the body by using health-building methods.


The activity for health will overcome the activity of disease. If the factors which are breaking down the vital health of the body are being nurtured, you can readily see without any trouble how chronic disease can be developed. To break down chronic disease, starve the disease; it must not have a chance to exist. Build vital energy and healthy vibratory activities into the body and eventually health will be the result. 

Examples of iridology signs

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